HI Float - Latex balloon float time extender

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Latex balloons have a shorter float time than foil balloons, this often means you have to run around filling them on the day of your event.

This is a waste of time! 

HI-FLOAT is designed to increase the float time of your latex balloons by lining them with a solution that stops helium from seeping out of the tiny holes.

Using HI-FLOAT will allow you to blow up your balloons the night before your event, freeing up your time to do other things, like making yourself look pretty for the main event. 

The average float time for a latex balloon is 4-8hours, with a squirt of HI-FLOAT this can be extended up to 3 days.

HI FLOAT is non-toxic & biodegradable.

1 x 148ml/5oz bottle of HI-FLOAT solution 

Please note - HI FLOAT is not suitable for confetti-filled balloons

This bottle will treat 30 x 11" Standard Latex Balloons,  10 x 17" Balloons or 7 x 24" Balloons.


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