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About us : The bigger picture

Here at Cley Celebrations we offer children's party supplies but our purpose is so much greater than that.

We’re ambassadors for Parents, especially Women who struggle with the return to work (TRTW) after maternity leave because either the cost of childcare is so high or because their workplace doesn’t offer flexible working or simply because they’re not ready to go back.

Our aim is to become the most flexible and family friend company to work for by allowing 80% of our workforce to work from home and by providing onsite child care facilities.

In doing this we want to be the role model, the company to copy, the example for other businesses who want to be better for the parents in their work force.

The money we make will be put towards creating jobs for mums in need of an understanding, flexible working environment.

We're going to change the face of the working world, one children's party at a time!

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