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Top 7 New Parent Hacks

Microwaving wipes

You will quickly come to find out that in general babies don't like being changed. I'm convinced it's to do with the sudden change in temperature on their baby bits, so with my son before a change I heat up his wipes in the microwave for no more than 20 seconds so that the experience isn't so traumatic for him...It works like a charm at keeping the tears at bay!

Baby with dummy in mouth having nappy changed


Record yourself singing

In our household we're partial to a bit of Bob Marley and nursery rhymes. Not being blessed with the best vocals I most certainly sound like a wailer and so I generally stick to singing the nursery rhymes to my new born. I quickly found that singing the same songs over and over got boring and my throat got sore. 

Having a recording of yourself will allow you to comfort your baby at anytime without sacrificing your sanity or vocal chords.

Front facing microphone


Nappy baskets

This one is simple - Keep a basket containing your nappy changing supplies in each room.. Trust me, you'll thank me later.

Two nappy changing baskets filled with changing supplies


Muslins and Mattress

Baby spit up ALOT and this results in an unreasonably frequent sheet changing routine, but I have found the solution!

Wrap a muslin around your babies moses basket mattress where she will lay her head so that anytime she spits up it wont fall on the sheets, but rather the muslin, which can be easily and quickly changed.

Baby girl laying on sofa with bunny comforter


Baby shower gift list : If you have nappies and wipes you're rich!

Whilst a plethora of soft toys and newborn clothes is cute and wonderful you'll quickly come to find out that they are not the most necessary items you need for your new baby.

My sister told me before giving birth that if you have a lot of nappies and wipes you're rich and she was not wrong. Babies breeze through nappy changing gear, so be smart - at your baby shower ask for nappies and wipes! If your guest have an issue with that (which, speaking from experience, they might) ask for money so that you can choose what to buy your baby when he or she arrives.

A bundle of nappies / diapers


Wrap dresses are your friend

This one is for the mummies who intend to breastfeed! 

Maternity clothes are expensive, so don't buy them. There are plenty non-maternity clothes that are ideal for breastfeeding. Wrap dresses and tops are a perfect example.

You can buy some very pretty and practical outfits from the likes of Boohoo.com

Lady in pink velvet wrap dress


Mat preparation

Night time nappy changes can quickly turn into night time disasters - screaming bare bottomed baby and an exhausted mummy or daddy - not a good mix, so do yourself a favour and prep your changing mat. Leave out atop your mat;

  • 2-3 open nappies (dependant on how often your baby wakes during the night) 
  • 2-3 nappy bags
  • Nappy rash cream
  • Wipes

Not having to fuss with your nappy basket will make the whole experience a lot smoother for you and your baby.

Baby laying on changing mat


Parenting is challenging but also wonderful! so use these hacks to optimise the wonderful times over the challenging.

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