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Flying with a baby : Your survival guide

Now the Easter holidays have passed you may be looking towards the summer break and your beach holiday.

A dreaded notion for most parents is flying with babies so here’s a few things to consider before you take off.

Tip no1.

If you’re bottle feeding, do yourself a favour and buy ready made formula milk from the drug store in the departure lounge. You may need to call ahead and have it ordered to the store but at least you won’t have to faff with powders or worry about security confiscating your milk.

Baby bottle

Tip no2.

Providing the airline lets you, bottle or breastfeed your baby during take off. Doing so will reduce the chances of your baby getting blocked ears from the altitude change which can be extremely irritating for them, and we all know, an irritated baby is an irritating baby!

Breastfeeding woman

Tip no3.

Unfortunately not all airlines offer sky cots any more so unless you have the extra cash to buy a seat for your baby, we’d recommend you invest in a sky mattress, this way your baby won’t have to go from lap to lap through the whole flight and they’ll have a comfortable place to rest their heads when they get tired.

Baby sleeping

Tip no4.

Whilst babies often have sporadic sleeping patterns, from about 2-3 months old they are able to differentiate night from day. With this in mind, we recommend booking a night flight in the hopes that they’ll sleep right through it.

Night flight

Tip no5.

When going on holiday there is excitement and a type of prestige attached to boarding a flight first, but with a baby this goes right out the window. With a day flight we suggest boarding as late as possible, that way your baby spends a little less time on the plane; time for them to get agitated whilst waiting for everyone else to get settled. No one wants that!

Boarding a plane 

Tip no6.

There’s nothing worse than being uncomfortable, even more so for baby’s who can’t communicate how they feel other than crying. In light of this we advise that you dress your baby in something light and comfy like a cotton baby suit or a tracksuit. Added bonus : Those inflight nappy changes will be easier to manage!

Comfy baby

Tip no7.

Buy a humidity mask - These are hard to come by but highly recommended, if not for baby, then for you as the inflight air system can be super drying to the nasal passage which is said to intensify the feeling of jet lag and can also leave you feeling like you have a cold days later. A humidifier mask will keep your nasal passage nice and moist and help to ward off cold like symptoms.



A lot of the dread attached to flying with babies comes from not wanting to be a nuisance to other passengers, and you know what, we get it...But here’s the thing, babies will be babies, so if you’re little bub goes into a full melt down, stay relaxed, calmly and confidently apologise to those around you and respond to your baby’s needs just as you would at home.

Mum and baby on holiday


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