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How to start a business on maternity leave

mother and baby mag

Recently our founder, Rhianne Ford, was featured in Mother and Baby online, being touted as an inspirational mum for starting her business whilst on maternity leave.

Rhianne knows that a lot of mums dread going back to work after mat leave and consider starting their own business but are either too scared or simply don’t know where to start. So, here’s Rhianne’s quick tips for starting your own business whilst on maternity leave.


Being on maternity leave can be financially touch especially if you’re only getting stat-mat-pay, so before buying any stock or domain names, do a budget to see how much you can reasonably invest.

2.Recreate the wheel

If budget is a major factor for you then instead of trying to create a new product that you will have to educate people on (which requires a lot money) find a successful business model, throw your own spin on it and replicate it! They say, mockery is the biggest form of flattery.. The same goes for business.

3.Manage your expectations

Unless you’ve created the next Google or I phone don’t expect things to skyrocket the minute you open up shop.

In addition, unless you have a reasonably sized budget and/or team to help you push your brand pre-launch, expect sales to be slow but steady initially.

If you’re one of the lucky ones, you’ll hit the ground running and be making thousands within the first months of launching, but don’t expect it as you may end up disappointed.. Hope for the best but expect the worst they say.

4.Exploit market places

A common mistake for small start-ups is having a website made and simply expecting customers to turn up. Getting traffic to your website can be a tricky task, so whilst you’re working out the kinks, exploit the virtual foot flow market places such as Amazon, Ebay and Etsy already have.

With these market places you can build a brand by directing customers who intend to make repeat purchases to your website.

5.Find birds of your feather

Going it alone can be a lonely journey and some people genuinely won’t understand why you’re doing it. Finding your “tribe” is necessary when starting and running a business as there can be many ups and downs and you need like minded people to cheer you on through it all.

Also, unless you have a business partner, it’s always great to have a sounding board who can help you refine good ideas and chuck out bad ones.

6.Outsource, outsource, outsource

As new mums, we often convince ourselves that we can do it all. Whilst this may be true, it doesn’t mean we’re doing everything well. Therefore it is critical that you identify your areas of strength and outsource tasks that you’re weak at. Fivver is a fantastic place to start for reasonably priced expertise.

7.Enjoy the ride

Starting a business is hard enough, let alone doing it whilst raising a new human, so from the outset make the decision to relax and enjoy the journey..You may have to go back to work for a little while whilst you’re building your brand but at least you will be a few steps closer to being able to leave and stay home with your children.. If that’s what you want of course!


Most businesses fail before they even begin because they’re never started. Like anything, perfection takes time, effort and practise, so don’t worry about making mistakes or not being “good”, just take the first step and I promise, you WILL get better! It’s just the natural law of thing...So get to it.

Are you a parent considering starting your own business?... Got questions you want to ask before you take the leap?

Feel free to message Rhianne here with any business questions you have and she will get back to you directly!

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