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Free activities to to with your kids this Bank Holiday

Easter holidays, Bank holidays, Christmas break… Sometimes it feels like children have all the time off in the world and finding them entertainment can be quite costly. However, it doesn’t have to be! We’ve compiled a list of free activities for you to do with your child this bank holiday and if you’re ever strapped for cash, just rinse and repeat when the next school break rolls around.

Visit the library
The library is a fantastic place for your child to let their imagination run wild. With a plethora of books they’ll be kept entertained for hours and not only will it keep them off your phone or tablet, which we all know kids spend way too much time on nowadays, it can be an educational and skill building experience.

Child in library

Go to the park
You just can’t go wrong with a visit to the park. Take yourself a blanket and a book and for the kids; take a ball, put them in their jogging bottoms, make a couple of sandwiches before you go and let them tire themselves out on the swing sets and playing tag.

Little girl in the park playing with bubble

Host a playdate
Playdates are great, because your child and their friend will simply entertain one another and providing the date is happening at your house, you’ll have five extra minutes to do a few bits around the house.

Children playing on

Visit your local museum
Museums are a great place to take the kids because not only are they free and educational, they are vast and full of content, meaning if your child starts to look bored, you can move swiftly on to the next exhibit.


Visit family
Everyone has a favourite aunt… I mean, need we say any more?

Grandparents and Grandchildren

Have a movie day
The idea of watching Frozen for the millionth time might not sound appealing, but it’s free! So, grab some popcorn, choccies and juice from your local supermarket - get the kids in their jammies, close the blinds and be prepared to “Let it go”

Popcorn box

Have a sports day
Providing the weather allows, grab your egg and spoon, go out in the back garden with the kids and host your very own sports day. Not only is this free but the kids will be suitably tired out by the end of the day which should hopefully make bedtime a breeze and leave you with an evening to yourself.

Children attending sports day

With the extra money you save on activities, you might even be able to go on holiday during the next school break.

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