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5 Ways to keep the kids entertained during the winter

During the summer it's easy to entertain your child, you just fill them up with sandwiches and ice cream and send them out in the sunshine to play.

As it gets colder, ice cream and outside are not such great options, even though your little ones might not agree.

Here are five, fantastic, frugal ways to keep your kids entertained during the cold months.

Host a games day

Whether it be board or video games, inviting your little ones friends over for a playdate is a great way to keep them entertained on the cheap during the winter months.

Little girl playing video game

Movie madness

So the experts will tell you not to put the kids in front of the telly for too long and we totally agree, but a movie or two won’t hurt and it will keep them busy whilst you get a few bits done..or perhaps you'll sit and enjoy the film with them.


Run a talent competition.

This one is great for a family with siblings!

Tell them you're hosting a talent competition and that they have 2 (or 5) hours to prepare - send them on their way and watch their creative juices flow as they come up with ways to entertain you.

Little girl singing busking with pink guitar

Have an art day

Don't worry if you don't have art supplies at home, it's nothing a trip to the Poundshop can't fix.

Get out the colouring books, glitter, scissors, glue and paints and give your kiddies a list of items to draw. Incentivise the activity by letting them know there's a reward for the best picture!

Child colouring christmas pictures

Do a scavenger hunt!

This one is easy! Head to the Poundshop and pickup a few bits and bobs; sweets & toys always go down a treat and hide them around the house and send the kids on their way.. Hide them well and they'll be entertained for hours.

Boy child peaking around corner wall

With these easy ideas you're sure to keep your littlens occupied for sometime, which'll give you a chance to put your feet up for once.

No need to thank us! 😉

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