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5 ways to celebrate Valentine's day when you have children

Valentine’s day is fast approaching and the pressure to do something special is ever present, but here’s the catch.. You have children, perhaps even a newborn (check out our 7 top new parent hacks here!) .
Any parent knows this can put a spanner in the romantic works, so here’s a few tips and tricks to make Valentines day work for you and your partner this year.


Celebrate it on another day

This year Valentines day falls on a weekday and if like most people you work during the week, that means you’ll be trying to celebrate the day of romance in the evening after work. We all know that evenings are a heavy blend of trying to make dinner, preparing for work the next day and getting the kids to bed. By the time you’re done with all that you can just about fit in one episode of your favourite TV show and then it’s time for bed.

So rather than rush your Valentine’s day, why not celebrate it another day such as the following weekend?

Send the kids off to their grandparents or call in a babysitter and romance your other half as if you were 17 again.

Open calendar diary

Involve the kids

Valentines day has been pigeonholed as a day for lovers, but really a day celebrating love should be for everyone, so why not celebrate with your little loved ones this year?

Book a table at a family friendly restaurant and celebrate the love with whole gang.

Family sitting in the park

Order a takeaway (from somewhere new)

Takeaways are generally nothing special, but as going out for dinner might not be on the cards this V-day, it may be your only option.

To make it a little different from your usual take-out night, order from somewhere new and try dishes you wouldn’t usually have. The simple act of introducing a new dish will be an opportunity for you and your partner to talk and laugh about something new and to help you reconnect.

Neon "Take Away" Sign

Don’t celebrate it at all

“Woooaah!” You might say, yes, we know, not celebrating is deemed a negative thing by some, but for the busy family, trying to celebrate Valentine’s day can put unneeded pressure on you and your partner. Instead, how about both agreeing to not celebrate it at all this year, or at the very least, revert to tip no.1 and celebrate it at a later date.

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Take the day off

If none of our other ideas work for you and you want to do Valentine’s day the traditional way, why not book the day off work and use those hours before the kids come home from school or nursery to wine, dine and romance your other half. If you have a newborn, you can do all these things in between feeds and naps which we’re sure will make things much more entertaining!

Couple on bed, woman feeding her boyfriend


Whatever you choose to do, have a blast.

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