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10 Covid proof Valentine's Day activities! 💞

Valentines day 2021 is almost here and whilst Covid looks like it’s on its way out, many of us are still apprehensive about completely returning to our previous social activities.

As such, Valentine's Day in your home may look a little different this year.

Here are 10 Covid proof valentines day ideas…

An added bonus? You can do them on a minimal budget!

If a Romantic Valentine's with just you and your boo is off the cards because you have groove-killing kids, check out our blog on how to celebrate Valentines day when you have children here!

If not, keep reading...

 Two girls laughing at something on a laptop screen

Have a rom-com-athon 🍿

With cinema still being shut, catching the latest romantic movie this Valentine’s day is out. So grab some popcorn and sweets from your local supermarket (cheaper than cinema snacks), get the quilt, turn off the light and snuggle up in front of your favourite rom-coms.

Do a gift hunt

Much like an egg hunt but with gifts. Buy or make a few heartfelt gifts, hide them around the house & send your loved one them on a hunt with some clues. 

Not only is this Valentines activity low cost but it’ll also last a while, providing your clues aren’t too obvious. 🤭

A black male & female cooking and laughing together

Have a cooking date

Cooking is a daily activity, but on valentines day you can spice it up by inviting your partner into the kitchen to make something yummy with you.

Cooking together will give you and your partner the opportunity to talk, reconnect and remember what you love about each other whilst demonstrating how well you work together...and therefore are just right for one another.


2020 was a very hard year, but also, for many of us, a time for us to reflect on how fortunate we are. If you were able to keep your job, your home, stay well, not lose a loved one you have a lot to be thankful for.. But not everyone had the same year.

A lot of already disadvantaged people felt the brunt of the pandemic the worse and the effects are still on going, so why not show some love to your fellow human and do some volunteering this Valentines day.

A male presenting individual receiving a massage

SPA day

On a regular day, Spas can be quite expensive, so head down to your local Boots pick up some oils, rubs and scrubs, Youtube a few massage techniques, prepare the lemon and cucumber water and treat your loved one to a day of pampering. 💆‍♀️

Read a romantic novel together 📖

The hustle and bustle of everyday life can leave us wired and without imagination. Settle down on Valentines with a good (Audio) book and let the story drift your imaginations to somewhere romantic… If you’re feeling a little adventurous you might even decide to read something a little more...Naughty, shall we say. 😈

Go on a hike & have a picnic 🧺

This classic is Covid proof because out in the wilderness you’re able to social distance. It’ll still be cold so don’t forget your thermals.

A male and a female hiking

Go camping in the garden

If you’re still unsure about heading out, set up camp in your garden⛺, (or your living room if you don’t have one. Just open up the windows to get that outdoor fresh air 🤣) 

Fill your thermos with some hot chocolate and talk about the good times under the stars. The benefit of a back garden camping trip : You can still use an indoor toilet! 

A male & female giving one another a hug whilst both looking at their phone screens

Go tech free 📵

It is well documented that all the screen time we’re getting is damaging our relationships, so this Valentine's day turn everything off; no laptop, no TV, no phone, (it’s okay, breathe! lol) and give yourself the opportunity to have meaningful conversations with your partner.

Double date 💑 + 💑

2020 saw us inside staring at the same walls and the same faces all year. 

If you’re feeling comfortable going outside why not meet up with one of your couple friends and double date! (of course if Boris says we can meet with friends!)


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