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Discussing the birds and the bees with your child

Talking about relationships and sex with your children is a notion that usually brings parents out in hives, but with the right approach it really doesn’t have to.
If your child starts asking questions, keep these 5 tips in mind and everything should be smooth sailing. With the right delivery, these tips are useful for children of all ages!
Be honest
When it comes to discussing the birds and the bees us parents like to shy away, that’s usually because we have our own attachments and experiences to the subject. Children on the other hand are approaching us with a blank slate and what we say could impact their outlook on these topics for ever. So instead of lambasting your child for asking or not responding at all, the best thing to do is be honest because the truth is, if your child is asking they’re ready to know.
How much detail you go into will be dictated by their age and maturity, but shutting the conversation down will only make the topic more interesting to them.. Forbidden fruit and all that good stuff.
Don’t make a big deal of it
Much like swearing, when we do it in front of our children and make a big deal of it they take much more notice. The same goes with  the topic of sex and relationships, if you talk about it in a casual manner; that demonstrates the seriousness of the situation but also makes it an everyday thing (which it is) then your child will feel safe coming to you with questions as opposed to listening to what’s said in the playground.
Don’t do it all at once
Relationships are a minefield all by themselves, let alone having to explain the dynamics to a child, so your best bet is to tackle the subject in chunks.
If you find yourself getting flustered by the questions or simply don’t know how to articulate the answer, let your child know that you will come back to the conversation another time but right now it’s time to…..Insert thing to do “here”
Spare the details
Sex can be messy and your child certainly doesn’t need to know that, so when discussing the ins and outs of it all (no pun intended) spare the details.. But surely you know that already.

Lastly.. Remember, it’s only natural.

Love, sex and relationships are only natural and your child will come to learn about them all, you have a part to play in how that experience is for them. So instead of freaking out, remember it’s only natural just as it is for them to ask questions.


If you have any special ways to tackle these topics with your children, share them in the comments below.

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