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8 easy, actionable tips to successfully attend a wedding with your children.

Wedding season is upon us and any seasoned parent knows that without proper planning being a wedding guest with children can be disastrous, so here’s 8 easy, actionable tips to make your day smooth sailing.

1.Sit near the aisle
Whether your little one throws a tantrum or is in need of a nappy change, being at the end of the pews during the service is ideal incase you need to pick up your sprog and make a quick dash!

Church Aisle - Attending a wedding with children blog

2.Have a goody bag
This goody bag must contain all the things you can think of to keep them entertained and most importantly quiet. Think colouring or story books, ipads - for the tech savvy kid, dried fruit and water.

Crayons - Attending a wedding with children blog

3.Pack a spare outfit or two
This is for both you and your little one, especially if your kids are under 5. Children find a way to make everything messy, so come prepared and have a spare outfit so you all can remain presentable the whole day.

Spare clothes - Attending a wedding with children blog

4.Book a room
If your friend is having a hotel wedding, it’s probably in your best interest to book a room at the venue, this means that if your child starts to get a bit tired and grouchy you can take them straight to bed and maintain some sense of routine.

Book a hotel room - Attending a wedding with children blog

5.Bring the pram
If your attending with a toddler, be sure to have their pram close by as they may tire of of standing. Also the pram is a handy place for them to nap if need be.

Bring a pram - Attending a wedding with children blog

6.Pack a lunch
We’ve all been to a wedding or two where we’ve had to wait HOURS to eat. As adults, we can wait graciously (just about) but children are not so graceful and are not willing to wait quietly, so bring a small packed lunch to ward of any hanger induced tantrums.

Pack lunch - Attending a wedding with children blog

7.Consider a babysitter
If you intend to drink and get wild at the wedding reception it might be a good idea to simply get a babysitter for the day, doing so will rid you of all considerations and allow you to just let your hair down and enjoy yourself.

Baby sitter - Attending a wedding with children blog


8.Lastly… Remember kids will be kids
Don’t expect too much, kids will be kids and if the bride and groom invited them, they know that too, so relax a little and enjoy the day!

Kids will be kids - Attending a wedding with children blog

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